This page describes all milestones for the MozTorch project, both Completed and In Progress. To see what is planned for the project's future, take a look at the list of Future Milestones.


   * Build IDL interfaces for:
      * mtIMachine: represents both a learner and the associated trainer
      * mtIDataSet: provides access to torch data files
      * mtIMsgObserver: receives messages from machine during train/test phase
   * Build module in C++ to house components
      * Provides XPCOM housekeeping (e.g., component registeration and factory code) 

   * Implement dataset component in javascript
      * Allows creation/modification of torch data files from javascript 

   * Create common machine class used by all mtMachine components
      * Catch messages thrown by Torch

   * Implement machine components in C++
      * mtMachineKnn - K-Nearest Neighbor
      * mtMachineSvm - Support Vector Machine (limited to binary target class)
      * mtMachineNBayes - Naive Bayes

   * Create XUL application to test moztorch components

   * Move (or mirror) repository to

   * Writeup documentation
      * XPCOM API - commented interfaces, components (in the style of XUL Planet)

   * update mozdev site with docs, source, etc

   * parameterize machines (e.g., K for KNN)

   * Add severity level to messages (for logging error vs. warning vs. log)

   * given machine type, build machine from train file
      * i.e. extract feature count, assume one target attribute
      * use setIOption("nclasses", VALUE) to set number of classes (defualts to 2)

   * move all out 'string' params to ACString params

   * make XPInstall distro

In Progress

Future Milestones

These are milestones that should be completed soon, but are not part of the official Summer of Code project.

   * fix heap allocation when used as out param
	* how to make nsMemory::Alloc work???
   * test memory "ownership" with all components
	* related to above
	* particularly, test arrays of things which are created in method (create array of objects which write to js console when deleted)

   * move bugs into bugzilla (add components to bugzilla?)

   * Extend documentation
      * Draw concept diagram of object hierarchy
      * C++ API - find good code parser/documenter (doc++, doxygen, etc)
      * check for implemented interfaces in component header files (include in documentation)

   * fix NBayes machine (test error always 100%)
	* problem with distribution init?
	* need to randomize params?

   * fix linux port (crashes on load)

   * Add ability to train/test component under seperate thread. (depends on above)

	* nsIRunnable - Interface required for code to run as seperate thread.
	* nsIThread - Interface of thread component.
	* interface implemented, fix memory bugs
   * add some type of progress_update method to mtIMsgObserver for integrating with xul progress meter
	* depends on above

   * Implement trainer which can use in-memory dataset (i.e., remove requirement to write dataset to disk)

   * Develop unit tests for all components

   * Add confusion matrix to test messages

   * Integrate with Thunderbird
      * Code assumes incremental learner. Any way around this without rewriting big sections of javascript?

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